Lo Bros launches CBD kombucha and gut shots in UK

Food Bev report…

UK beverage brand Lo Bros has released a new CBD kombucha and a duo of gut shots, as it aims to tap into the post-Covid-19 demand for functional products.

The brand’s new products join Sainsbury’s functional drinks aisle nationwide and form part of its accelerated growth strategy.

Lo Bros’ gut shots combine a billion cultures per bottle with organic fruit and vegetable juice. Each shot provides a dose of Bacillus Coagulans and kombucha, which the brand claims helps to restore the balance of intestinal flora and look after the gut.

The range is currently available in two editions; Fiery Ginger – made up of ginger juice, carrot juice, orange and lemon juice – and Beet Boost – featuring beetroot juice, turmeric juice and orange juice.

Meanwhile, the Blueberry Lemonade CBD Kombucha is non-alcoholic and contains 15mg of active CBD, combined with living cultures. The drink claims to have gut-balancing benefits that can support the overall wellbeing of the body and mind.

Lo Bros’ new products are vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free, and contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. They join the brand’s existing range of vegan soft drinks and kombuchas with flavours such as watermelon, raspberry and lemon, and passionfruit.

Dom Dalton, general manager of Soulfresh – the owner of the brand – said: “Our organic gut shots and our CBD kombucha provide consumers with new and exciting ways to incorporate wellness into their daily lives and we are so pleased that Sainsbury’s also see the potential that exists for fermented, living beverages to expand outside of the core kombucha category and into similarly popular segments like juice shots and CBD.”

Lo Bros’ gut shots are available to purchase now for £2.25 for a 60ml glass bottle, while the CBD kombucha retails for £2.75 per 330ml glass bottle.

Source:  https://www.foodbev.com/news/lo-bros-launches-cbd-kombucha-and-gut-shots-in-uk/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=c08449e56d3909c44e4917f88ab6620dbe5c7abf-1602048897-0-AaqZ3bwcTCPGMW1nwdGm5DqKzsPQjNrFuSQlbLx9sfmlSyuPINKIAQsTgBpNBJWThRVLdNdLy_mfaCpIh6mbbUG2aoQpmzuv_2uicz5RuAbCsQopYwyr-qsiDtV4bGJvHinQMMFsy9AgQUGPocNo8syGV-X3HojsDcv1vbPIEfcnT-mDbYxaS00IfJT48CcPRDiyDmYncO-C1K5UzY01Z4zOn4is3PMBR1DNT2M0i6dqog7x1_BYigIlNG1M_XDO88zLqq9zpW8BFBNcDwgQjiwWKSwjr3ygCiyQX0f9OAbyWHiJfpl_UUoI1LiqKjqMoRvjj9nGZXD8GdsYWX9ww1yxVree7kaJClmfixeePvmF