High Hemp features the world’s first ever organic hemp wrap which is revolutionizing the cannabis industry by offering a cleaner and more flavorful experience.

Since California voters passed the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, or Proposition 64, on November 8, 2016 which established sales and cultivation taxes and legalized the sale, possession, growing, and consumption of cannabis for adults 21 and older for non-medical purposes several entrepreneurs jumped at the new money making opportunity.

Paula Fernandez, a 30-year-old entrepreneur and member of the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities founded High Hemp.

Herbal wraps can be used to smoke herbs (or marijuana if you’re in a legal state). Similar to rolling paper (i.e.,” rolling a joint”), their wraps are a bit thicker and made from hemp. Containing zero traces of nicotine, tobacco, or toxic additives they are also certified organic, vegan, gluten free and GMO-free.

High Hemp wraps are the best alternative to all the harsh toxic ingredients used in traditional wraps today. They have the smooth taste of traditional hemp rolling paper, but the even slow burn of a traditional tobacco wrap.

Retailing for $15.99 for 10 pouches which include 2 Wraps & 2 tips per pouch.

The High Hemp Co, is the first ever all organic herbal wrap company. We’re breaking the trend of tobacco based products and creating brands like High Hemps. We pride ourselves in creating tobacco free organic wraps that contain zero traces of nicotine, tobacco, or toxic additives. We’re opening the door to a whole new market without the need of historically used tobacco based products.

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic California’s legal marijuana industry faced a year of declining sales last year as a result.

Gov. Gavin Newsom projected in January 2020 that the state’s cannabis excise tax would bring in $479 million last year and $590 million in the fiscal year starting July 1 2020, but his revised budget now forecasts just $443 million for last year and a decline to $435 million in 2021.

In an attempt to help the state’s legal pot industry weather a downturn, the Newsom administration has relaxed some restrictions on how cannabis firms operate, deferred license renewal fees and extended the deadline for filing first quarter tax returns last year.

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