Here’s the blurb in Sourcing Journal

The sustainably focused line made its cottonized hemp debut in 2019 with denim featuring 30 percent hemp—a major innovation, considering hemp’s inherent sustainability and regenerative properties. Fast forward to Spring/Summer 2021, and the line is adding a heap of sustainable benefits, including a higher hemp count, natural dyes and a new men’s fit that bring it to a whole new level.

The new collection now offers garments including men’s and women’s Trucker Jackets, and men’s 502 Taper jeans, made with 55 percent hemp blends. Though too-high cottonized hemp formulations have traditionally sacrificed comfort and hand feel, Levi’s Wellthread team was able to achieve an end product that is both soft and lightweight. By increasing the hemp percentage to anything above 50 percent, the brand reported that the “majority hemp” garment triggers a lower import duty, resulting in both a financial ….

Levi’s Wellthread Touts More Hemp, Looser Fits and Natural Dyes