Larkspur greenhouse firm becoming big player in Colorado hemp industry

The owners of Dutch Heritage Gardens in Larkspur, a greenhouse complex that sells flowers and ornamental plants to major retailers, have found a lucrative side business — hemp, a close cousin of the cannabis plant.

Aaron and Rozalia Van Wingerden started Royale Botanicals in 2017 to grow hemp plants to make cuttings that are sold to farmers, but this month the company began selling its own CBD-infused products online. The products contain cannabidiol, which comes from the hemp plant and has become a popular natural remedy for ailments ranging from arthritis to insomnia.

Dutch Heritage Gardens and Royale Botanicals use the same greenhouses, staff and equipment to grow flowers and ornamental plants as well as hemp clones, which are genetically identical plants made from cuttings.

While Dutch Heritage Gardens generates about 85% of the revenue from the two businesses, Aaron believes the hemp side of the business will grow to eventually equal the flower and plant business, and perhaps exceed it.


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