Largest cannabis dispensary in Sacramento region to open in Arden area

A brand-new marijuana megastore – and the largest cannabis dispensary in the Sacramento region – is opening for business, and many say it is a sign of how much the industry has grown.

KOLAS, a major cannabis company, is behind the 7,700 square-foot store in the Arden area. Pot products, from pre-rolls to gummies to flowers, line the walls and inside displays. But KOLAS Marketing and Communications Director Eric Luchini said the new location is not only about making sales; there is also an emphasis on education.

“The ‘canna-curious is the fasting-growing group now,” Luchini said. “They’re on the fence, they’re going, I’m just waiting for somebody to educate me, bring me in, let me know how to use it, what I need, what to expect.”

Orko Manna / KCRA 3

KOLAS’ new marijuana megastore in Sacramento.

That is why certain areas of the dispensary are dedicated to teaching customers. There is a booth with a glass case, television and furniture, where companies can explain the whole pot process – from planting to packaging. There is even a corner of the megastore designed as a living room, complete with couches and board games on a coffee table.

“A very casual setting to be very open, transparent, to discuss how they’re using cannabis,” Luchini said.

Orko Manna / KCRA 3

’Living room’ area inside KOLAS’ new megastore.

Luchini said the goal is to normalize the cannabis industry – and a big part of that effort at the brand-new location is the fact that it is in a major shopping district in the Arden area, with department stores just across the parking lot and the Arden Fair Mall closeby as well.

“It’s now normal. The new normal is here. That is the biggest benefit,” Luchini said.

Employees told KCRA 3 that is something they are feeling as well.

“Being able to know I don’t have to hide what I do for a living anymore is just honestly a huge blessing, and words can’t describe how grateful I am for that,” floor manager Maria Moreno said.

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