Four-time NBA champion John Salley isn’t crippled by the stigmas still associated with pot use. Recently, Salley — who won championships with the Detroit Pistons, the Chicago Bulls and the Lakers — was announced as the new executive vice president of marketing for Leading Edge Pharmaceuticals. The company develops topical CBD-based products, which Salley has used to treat chronic pain that has kept him up at night post-career.

Later this year, he and his 22-year-old daughter, Tyla, will launch the premium cannabis business Deuces 22, which includes an online “academy” designed to educate site visitors on the plant’s benefits.

Salley, vegan and a health enthusiast, is the latest high-profile former professional athlete to take a hit off a business opportunity expected to gross upward of $70 billion globally by 2030. Joe Montana, Tiki Barber, Matt Barnes, Al Harrington and Mike Tyson are just a few of the names attached.

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