Sounds repulsive but i presume i’m not the target market..

Kiva Confections, will be mixing it up this 4/20 in a interesting partnership with iconic burger chain Fatburger to release a limited edition cannabis-infused Kiva x Fatburger Ketchup. The first-of-its-kind Cannabis Ketchup, available for a limited time only beginning April 6th at participating Artist Tree and Sweet Flower Los Angeles locations, encourages consumers to heighten their favorite munchies, Fatburger’s famous burgers and french fries, while furthering Kiva’s mission to continue the conversation around cannabis normalization in California and beyond.

The partnership between the two nationally recognized brands supports the increased interest around cannabis as it continues to be integrated into consumers’ daily lifestyles. Currently, recreational cannabis sales continue to grow in over 20 states across the U.S., and the number of cannabis users in the country is predicted to reach nearly 71 million users by 2030.

“As the market leader in cannabis edibles, we’re thrilled to continue pioneering innovative, yet everyday products that pave the way for cannabis normalization,” commented Kristi Palmer, Co-Founder of Kiva Confections. “We can’t think of a better partner for this than our favorite West Coast burger chain. Though the partnership may seem unconventional, Fatburger and Kiva are both California-founded and beloved institutions. What better way for cannabis fans to celebrate 420 than with a delicious, elevated munchies meal – and for the cannacurious to take their first dip into cannabis one fry at a time.”

Kiva x Fatburger Ketchup will feature 10mg of THC per packet, making it the ultimate “canndiment” for all of your Fatburger made-to-order burgers and fries ahead of the popular 4/20 holiday.


“Every year, we look to bring our own special flavor to the 4/20 holiday,” said Taylor Fischer, Vice President of Marketing for Fatburger. “Kiva was the perfect fit from a collaboration standpoint as they not only have an incredibly strong California fan base like Fatburger, but the quality of their edibles is unmatched in the cannabis space, similar to how we are viewed in the burger industry. Our special sauce will be sure to take the munchie game to a higher level.”

Kiva x Fatburger Infused Ketchup will be available for purchase for a limited time only at select Artist Tree and Sweet Flower Los Angeles locations beginning April 6th, retailing at $5 while supplies last.

Kiva Confections Partners with Fatburger to Elevate Your Munchies This 4/20

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