Turkey: Police raid finds marijuana greenhouse worth $232,000 in Istanbul

In a targeted operation based on a strong odor emanating from a house, police authorities successfully confiscated 17 kilograms (37.48 pounds) of marijuana with a street value of approximately TL 5 million (under $232,500) in Sarıyer, Istanbul. The investigation revealed that the basement of the building had been transformed into a sophisticated greenhouse, housing dozens of pots filled with marijuana plants.

In the early hours of Sunday, the Sarıyer District Police Department of Public Security conducted a meticulously planned operation in Zekeriyaköy. During the search operation, law enforcement officers seized the marijuana and also apprehended a suspect at the scene.

Upon discovering the presence of a fully equipped drug cultivation setup on the premises, an immediate investigation was initiated. Authorities discovered and confiscated a total of 81 flower pots containing marijuana plants.

After completing the initial judicial procedures, the suspect was transferred to the courthouse. After the court hearing, the individual was officially charged with “manufacturing and trafficking in drugs or stimulant substances.” The court subsequently ordered the suspect be remanded in custody pending further legal proceedings.

The successful raid and subsequent arrest demonstrate the unwavering commitment of law enforcement agencies to combat illegal drug activities in the region. By dismantling this extensive marijuana operation, authorities have made a significant stride in curbing the production and distribution of illicit substances.


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