A Kansas resident is facing 25 years in prison for growing a single marijuana plant. Larry Burgess, a cancer survivor, turned to marijuana when prescription drugs failed to alleviate his seizure disorder. 

“No seizure medication helped. In fact, my seizures got progressively worse over time. It was terrible. Terrible. At my lowest I contemplated suicide,” Burgess told KCTV5 News. At one point, he was taking 23 pills per day to combat the seizures with little effect.

Fredonia, Kan., authorities were possibly tipped off when Burgess chronicled his marijuana-growing endeavors on Instagram. 

“Mary is growing good. What a beautiful girl. The quality seizure medicine I’m going to extract out of her,” Burgess captioned a photo of the plant, which remains illegal in Kansas for all purposes, including medicinal.

Police came knocking and after arresting him, kept him in custody at the jail. A few hours later, security footage obtained by KCTV5 showed Burgess suffering a seizure.

The judge for Burgess’ case granted him a special bail provision, allowing him to move to Colorado. There, he holds a medical marijuana card. His case is still pending and has been postponed to an undetermined date, giving Burgess and his wife anxiety.

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