Juva Life Transforming Ex-Cancer Research Facility into Flagship Operation Hayward Research Laboratory Positioned to Drive ‘Science of Cannabis’ Efforts

They write in their press release..

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Juva Life Inc. (CSE: JUVA) (OTC: JUVAF) (FRANKFURT: 4VV) (“Juva Life,” “Juva” or the “Company”), a premier California based multi-faceted life sciences company focused on the commercialization of Cannabis products and advanced formulations is pleased to provide an update regarding activities at its Hayward, California facility build-out.

Originally constructed and partially funded by federal research grants, Juva Life’s Hayward project started life as biotechnology cancer research facility focused on the development of plant-based antibodies and the study of protein expression in tobacco plants. As such, the structures on the property includes 18,000 sq. ft. of preexisting purpose-built concrete structures adjoining 11,000 sq. ft. of dedicated greenhouse canopy.

As part of the legacy infrastructure and a key feature in Juva’s future ambitions, the main building includes an ISO Class 5 cleanroom ideally suited to propel Juva’s science of cannabis strategy towards the development of advanced formulations and products. The cleanroom and adjoining laboratory spaces include plans for the installation of liquid and gas chromatography plus mass spectrometry equipment. Class 5 is considered at the more critical end of the class spectrum, requiring a greater level of filtration to achieve a level of cleanliness by typically employing Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) Filtration targeting 99.9995% efficiency at 0.12 micron. This research facility is scheduled to be one of the first operational elements of the Hayward campus.

A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) was approved on October 22nd upon completion of an extremely rigorous and thorough application process. The application included many details typically included in building permit applications and, as such, it is believed may expedite additional permitting. Upon approval, immediate actions require the installation of physical perimeter security and modernized fire suppression systems. Upon installation, the Company will apply for partial occupancy to enable the outfitting of the laboratory and related processing areas in order to initiate extraction and formulation operations which are anticipated to scale to full production by mid-2021.

Upon completion of the proposed renovations, greenhouse cultivation is conditionally approved for 13,453 sq. ft. within a fully modernized facility. An internal assessment suggests that material yields of up to 4,600 pounds of total biomass inclusive of 3,600 pounds of flower could be harvested in the first full year of activity. Advanced agronomic practices within the controlled environment are anticipated to produce quantifiably premium quality and potency. The Hayward facility will ultimately total 38,000 sq. ft. in size with a manufacturing focus on advanced industrial scale extraction processes utilizing most of the internally harvested material for use in novel formulations, product development, and material supply for Juva’s related divisional activities.

Related activities planned for the Hayward campus include business to consumer (B2C) retail delivery operations offering Juva-produced and 3rd party products throughout the Eastern San Francisco Bay area. Acting as a distribution center, Juva would have the ability to ship bulk or processed product to other licensed cannabis businesses (including other current or future Juva facilities). In addition, the Company has been conditionally approved to develop a boutique flagship retail operation focused on Juva products in a designer-styled environment.

Juva’s CEO and Founder, Doug Chloupek states, “We were extremely fortunate to discover the Hayward location early in our planning phase. The previous occupants’ operations provide us with a pre-built facility that closely matches our strategic aims and consequently expedites our ability to advance operations. I’m particularly excited that it appears our lab could be functional early to mid 2021, as the development of a broad spectrum of product formulations through applied science is a fundamental aspect of how we aim to build corporate and shareholder value.”

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