Cheba Hut is a “Toasted” sub concept that has been curing munchies since 1998. Our Huts not only tout the best bread in the business, but our foodies “Flip the Bird” to the establishment with our homegrown food, our relaxed environment and our amazing employees; who actually enjoy rollin in our joint.

January 1, 2020, will be a green-letter day in Illinois when residents and visitors can purchase recreational marijuana legally for the first time. Weed-themed sandwich chain Cheba Hut plans to be there with plenty of pot puns, a full bar, and a wide-ranging selection of “toasted” subs. The Arizona-based company has signed two three-unit franchise deals in Chicago, and the first is slated to open by the end of 2019.

The herb itself won’t be available in the restaurants, but leadership hopes to help elevate customers’ pot experiences. Franchisees Chris Custer and Lance Frericks are pursuing negotiations for a Bucktown location at 1739 N. Milwaukee, right across from adored burger outpost Small Cheval. Another franchisee, Brian O’Kelly, is hoping to set up shop near the DePaul campus. Jennings isn’t a fan of terms like “chain” and “franchisee,” and sees the relationship as a partnership rather than a boss-employee dynamic.

Cheba Hut’s sandwiches come in three sizes: a 4-inch “nug,” an 8-inch “pinner,” and a 12-inch “blunt.” Menu options will include the popular “white widow” (grilled chicken, ranch, mushrooms, bacon, provolone) and the “magic mushroom” (portabella, pepper jack, teriyaki glaze, green peppers, pineapple). Founder Scott Jennings favors the “5-0” sub (smoked ham, Genoa salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, bacon, giardiniera, cheddar). “It’s all pig!” Jennings said, laughing.

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