Willamette Weekly review this completely pointless piece of kit for the type of people who go train spotting


Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter ($15.95-$26.95)
You’re on the train. You’re at work. You’re in a hotel room. You’re at a family get-together. If you’re out and about in the civilized world and want to hit your piece inside, you’re out of luck—unless you don’t mind being that guy, or blowing smoke into the neck of your T-shirt. This is my new favorite weed gadget, because, yeah, sure, it’s basically the same technology as an empty toilet paper roll filled with dryer sheets, but let’s be honest: Sometimes you want to vape on the couch watching TV without feeling the guilt of your family or housemates and having to open the windows, to air it out, or anywhere else that normally wouldn’t fly. If nothing else, this portable jug is an anti-guilt machine, a true friend that allows you to vape your flower or concentrate inside anywhere without the whiff of stigma that comes with blowing smoke in a shared space.

Source:  https://www.wweek.com/potlander/2019/05/23/five-unique-cannabis-products-you-never-knew-you-needed/