Jones Soda Launches New Mary Jones Super-Sized Cannabis Beverages


The Jones Soda Co. announced this week that it is expanding the company’s Mary Jones line of cannabis beverages with the California introduction of new marijuana-infused drinks in 16-ounce cans. The launch of the new super-sized cannabis beverages infused with 100 milligrams of THC, the most common psychoactive compound found in marijuana, follows the debut of the Mary Jones brand’s 12-ounce weed drinks earlier this year.

“Our strong Mary Jones launch validates the strategic decision we made to enter the cannabis industry in order to leverage our brand equity, diversify our portfolio, and move into a profitable high-growth category to drive the company’s future,” Mark Murray, president and CEO of Jones Soda Company, said in a statement. “Building on our initial success, this new higher potency 100mg product unlocks a valuable category with a higher value product aimed at a more mature cannabis consumer. With our ambitious product roadmap and new partnerships enabling us to expand to other states, I’m confident that our Cannabis Division will be instrumental in our growth in 2023 and beyond.”

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