Jetty Extracts, a California-based producer of high-quality cannabis extracts is making the move east as New York’s market continues to open up. The popular brand is expanding to its first market outside of California, returning to its New York roots and diving into authentic partnerships with local producers and retailers.

Since the company’s inception in 2013, Jetty has been one of the original leaders in cannabis extraction, creating the most clean, potent and flavorful vape products on the market. One of the first brands to release a vape free of fillers and cutting agents, Jetty has built its reputation as a leader through innovation and quality. The brand is enthusiastically bringing its award-winning product portfolio to New York’s emerging market, expanding its legacy to the state that Jetty founders call home.

Jetty’s New York launch will feature several of the brand’s most popular strains from its High THC vape cartridge line. For those seeking an intense high that fits in their pocket and many classic strains to choose from, Jetty’s HIGH THC line offers an euphoric experience and something more fine-tuned to consumers’ needs. Jetty’s vapes are portable and discreet, but with all-natural terpenes added consumers can expect the same delicious flavor and elevated experience they would get smoking flower.

As in California, Jetty’s process in New York begins with premium sun-grown cannabis, fresh from the Hudson Valley. Jetty partners with small, family-owned farms that focus on regenerative, biodynamic farming practices. Such farms include Hepworth Farms, a female-owned organic farm established in 1818. Together with the Hepworth team, Jetty ensures that its products maintain their consistently flavorful standards coast to coast, using only the finest cannabis with terpene blends that are true to the strain.

“As states along the East Coast open up for adult use, it is thrilling to introduce a legacy California brand like Jetty to consumers on the other side of the country,” said Ron Gershoni, co-founder and chief executive officer of Jetty Extracts. “The New York market has the potential to rival even California in size, revenue and product selection as the first adult-use dispensaries begin to open their doors. I am confident that New Yorkers will love our High THC line and look forward to introducing a broader range of products to the state in the coming months.”

“When a large operator supports a small, family-owned farm, everyone is able to benefit,” said Amy Hepworth, owner of Hepworth Farms. “We are thrilled to provide Jetty with the organically-grown, high-quality flower to create their iconic products in New York. We hope that even more brands follow Jetty’s lead and source their cannabis from local New York farms as the state emerges as a bustling legal market.”


“We are looking forward to debuting Jetty at Union Square Travel Agency (USQTA): A Cannabis Store and welcome back two native New Yorkers who are bringing their expertise to grow superior products for our customers to enjoy,” said David E. Vautrin, operating partner, USQTA.

Jetty Extract’s HIGH THC product line are now available for purchase at New York dispensaries including Union Square Travel Agency, Housing Works Cannabis Co. and Smacked Village, and will become available at additional retailers in the coming months.


Jetty Extracts Heads East And Enters New York Market

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