Jamaica: Epican launches new cannabis strains Aidonia-named Banga Kush a part of release

After one and a half year of intense research and travelling, Epican Medicinals, on Wednesday, unveiled new strains to the local cannabis market. The launch event took place at its Market Place location, and was supported by the company’s ambassadors including dancehall hitmaker Aidonia and rising social media influencer-duo The Tsang Twins, Alyssia and Alaina.

President of Epican Dwayne McKenzie shared that the world-renowned strains revealed at the event have never yet been grown outside of northern California. These include Blue Dream, Premium Jack Herer, Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Gelatti Cookies and Big Apple, among others.

He shared that the local cannabis industry has come a far way since its decriminalisation in 2015, but he anticipates even more growth, particularly as it relates to discussing “the benefits of CBD and the uses of medical marijuana for example with persons diagnosed with epileptic seizures.

“I have found throughout time people are becoming more comfortable with the conversation, and when persons become more comfortable, more will be revealed in discussions. It used to be about smoking and getting high, now we can speak about being in a state of homoeostasis – giving the body the ability to heal itself,” McKenzie offered.

On raising awareness, and the popularity of marijuana among Jamaica’s youth, he continued, “it is something highlighted a lot lately and Epican is quite aware of but it really boils down back to education not just as people in the industry but as parents and older siblings.”