Civil Guards Arrest Major Moroccan Cannabis Resin and Cocaine Smuggler

The suspect had recently diversified the network’s operations, bringing cocaine from Colombia to Europe via Africa and Spain.

Fez – A Moroccan crime boss of cannabis resin and cocaine smuggling was detained along with 16 other members of an international net by Spanish Civil Guards last week, according to Spanish outlet El Mundo.

El Mundo reported that the Spanish Civil Guards, after a two-year investigation, arrested the head of an international criminal network in an operation. The suspect is regarded as a major hashish and cocaine smuggler in the strait of Gibraltar.

The 43-year-old Moroccan suspect was the subject of an international arrest warrant and is known for supplying cannabis resin and cocaine to the Messi and Los Castana clans that distribute them throughout Europe reported El Mundo.

Searches carried out in Barcelona, Vigo (Pontevedra), and San Roque led to dismantling this vast drug trafficking network, which was active in the strait of Gibraltar for some 20 years.

Civil Guards confiscated five phones and two laptops during the operation. The operation also led to the seizure of nearly one million euros (MAD 10.5 million) in cash, 10 high-end vehicles, a boat, watches, and jewelry worth over three million euros (MAD 31.5 million).

El Mundo reported that the Moroccan criminal had recently diversified the operations of the network, taking advantage of his experience in cannabis resin trafficking, to bring cocaine from Colombia to the Gulf of Guinea to then transport it from Africa to Europe via Spain.

The network would have introduced into Spain about 4,300 kg of hashish in San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia) and 1,800 kg of cocaine on the Galician coast. A shipment of seven tons of cocaine was intercepted during the suspect’s arrest.Morocco and Spain’s security forces regularly work together to combat drug trafficking, illegal migratory networks, and terrorism.

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