A couple of days after being eliminated from the opening round of the NBA Playoffs, Brooklyn Nets guard D’Angelo Russell got busted at the airport for trying to sneak marijuana on a flight from New York City to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

On Wednesday night at LaGuardia Airport, police cited Russell with a court summons for possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana.

During a search of his checked luggage, TSA found marijuana and paraphernalia hidden in a special container. The container, supposed to look like a normal can of Arizona Ice Tea, had a secret compartment where Russell allegedly hid his stash. A marijuana grinder inside the metal container is what made TSA suspicious during his initial pass through security.

According to reports from TMZ Sports, Russell claimed the weed was not his.

The Brooklyn Nets released a statement saying, “We have been made aware of the situation involving D’Angelo Russell and are in the process of gathering more information at this time.”

The NBA does not suspend players until they get caught for a third time. If he is convicted of the crime of cannabis possession, then the NBA will require Russell to enter their special marijuana treatment program. Second time offenders can get fined up to $25,000. Only third-time offenders get suspended, which could last for up to five games.

Source:  https://www.onlinegambling.com/news/2019/05/dangelo-russell-busted-weed-airport-brooklyn-nets/