Ithaca College athletes get blunt about NCAA marijuana policy

Every night, Noah*, a student at Ithaca College, finishes his day by getting high.

He is not alone: A 2020 survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that 44% of college students reported smoking marijuana in the past year. The drug was legalized in New York state in 2021 and The Princeton Review ranks Ithaca College as No. 21 on its list of colleges with the most students smoking marijuana.

But Noah faces more risk than a typical college student because of his habit. He is also a student-athlete, meaning his use of the drug is a direct violation of NCAA policies. He said he smokes recreationally, but there are plenty of other reasons it can be beneficial for an athlete to smoke.

“It definitely helps with soreness,” Noah said. “If you’ve had a strenuous weight room workout, it’s nice to unwind. It helps you relax a little bit. It makes stretching a lot more fun, you know?”


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