The Local.IT report……Four Neapolitan entrepreneurs have launched a medical marijuana start-up to treat depressed and anxious cats and dogs, the first of its kind in Italy.

The company, Weedentity, sells legal products made with oil from the cannabis sativa plant grown in Switzerland and tested in Swiss and Italian laboratories, reports Ansa.

The oils contain 5% levels of the plant’s active ingredient, CBD, and are already widely used in the US.

Company co-founder Chiara Basile said that the group formulated the idea after Italy passed a law in 2016 which relaxed rules around cannabis cultivation in order to revive its industrial hemp production industry.

The law was not designed to promote recreational marijuana use, but since it does not regulate the cultivation and sale of cannabis flowers, a lucrative “cannabis-light” industry has grown up around the loophole, according to The New York Times.