Ireland’s ‘queen of cannabis’ is hoping to weed out fears about the drug with a new cookbook.

Delia Keane’s new book, Let’s Get Baked, features recipes for meals, treats and drinks using cannabis.

It’s the first cookbook from the mum of one, who has written two other books and describes herself as Ireland’s most trusted name when it comes to getting stoned.

The book’s blurb claims it’s “a yumlicious definitive guide to cannabis-infused cooking” as “simple, accessible recipes and tips expound the experience of cooking using marijuana and proffer a profusion of irie appetisers and entrees…. from weed-infused fettucine alfredo and weed gummy bears to weed strawberry smoothie and pomegranate pot lemonade.”

Delia grew up between Dublin and London.

“My background is more adventurous than what I look like now,” she explains.

“I have always had a keen interest in medicine, the mind and body and how it works as a whole. Helping people has always been my calling.