Ireland: Couple found growing cannabis plants at Laois home

A couple were found growing cannabis plants, Portlaoise District Court heard last week.

Darren Houlihan, 31, of Ross, Rathdowney was charged with the cultivation of cannabis and possession of cannabis and possession for sale or supply at Ross, Rathdowney on July 25, 2021.

Also facing the same charges was Paulina Szczuorwska, 30, also of Ross, Rathdowney.

Sgt JJ Kirby told the court that Garda Doreen O’Connor carried out a search under warrant of a property at this address. Cannabis and a weighing scales had been found in the search.

There was also €2,305 in cash.

There was a tent with a grow house like fashion. It was not too sophisticated.

Sgt Kirby said the cannabis had a potential value of €2,400. There were three cannabis plants.

Appearing for Mr Houlihan and Ms Szczuorwska, solicitor Josephine Fitzpatrick said that they were in a relationship. Both were using cannabis and were experimenting with growing it for their own use.

They had some success with some plants. Some cannabis was found growing and there were some immature plants.

It was a wake up call for them and they were grateful for it and wished to put it behind them.

Paulina did retail work and Darren had worked in Lisheen mines for a number of years.

Both had pleaded guilty early.

Ms Fitzpatrick suggested that the €2,000 seized by the Gardaí might be applied in a manner which the court would direct. The couple are expecting their second child.

Judge Staines that the €2,000 be given to Merchants Quay Ireland who were doing fabulous work in the midlands.

She said it was a serious matter. There were three plants growing and there was other paraphilia.

She noted the gardaí comments that they had fully cooperated and were not involved in this activity anymore.

She sought a Probation Report for June 2.—courts/756345/couple-found-growing-cannabis-plants-at-laois-home.html

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