A 71-year-old man is behind bars after investigators with the Alaska State Troopers discovered $400,000 worth of methamphetamine and heroin hidden inside pounds of frozen goat entrails.

Cenen Placencia, a Kodiak resident, was arrested at Anchorage’s international airport on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. Among Placencia’s luggage was a large fish box, which he had packed for his trip back to Kodiak.

Investigators said they noticed the smell of rotting meat emanating from the box, and drug dogs that were brought in detected drugs. When authorities searched the box, they found meat and small bits of loosely wrapped meat that were frozen together. Placencia agreed to let the meat thaw so that it could be searched but then withdrew his consent, leading investigators to secure a search warrant.

When the meat was thawed, 740 grams of heroin and 389 grams of methamphetamine wrapped in plastic were discovered inside the goat intestines.

Placencia said that he had packed the bag but denied that he knew about the drugs. He said that he had purchased the guts for his own personal consumption.

He was charged in federal court on a count of possession with intent to distribute controlled substances.

Source: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/investigators-say-alaska-man-hid-400-000-worth-of-drugs-in-spoiled-goat-guts