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Jane Fonda Talks Cannabis, Is Hot On Hemp For The U.S.

In a room upholstered with pictures of her many idols sits Jane Fonda, an evergreen icon so cross-generational she’s revered by grandparents, parents and their kids alike.

Looking over her, from the wall, are Harvey Milk, Rosa Parks, Millicent Rogers – who happens to be an ancestor of Jane’s, as well as Cesar Chávez, Dolores Huerta, Howard Zinn, and Jane’s father.

Her collar is popped, one of her many fashionable trademarks, and her make-up and skin are beyond perfect. On this, she has a secret that will be revealed later in this article.

Jane is ready for a unique interview: Despite the fact that she’s far from being a stoner, or even a cannabis activist, she is willing to talk weed. After all, Jane has always been known as a person who’s free of prejudice.

“Needless to say, I have smoked pot in my life,” she commences, quickly clarifying she’s never been an avid consumer: Cannabis has always made her feel paranoid and overly hungry. Munchies can be, indeed, Hollywood stars’ worst enemies.

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