India: Hash Oil Is All The Rage With The Young & Wealthy In Hydrabad

India’s Times Now News reports…

Hyderabad: Hashish oil from Vishakhapatnam is witnessing high demand in the city. It is being sold in the city as well as Bengaluru as an alternative for ganja smokers.

The manufacturing groups working from the Vishakhapatnam region are now under the radar of the Narcotics Control Bureau and excise department officials as the illegal drug is sent to Middle East nations as well. Groups working from Maoist-affected Araku and Narsipatnam regions are making the hashish oil from dry ganja, NCB, and excise officials say.

Most of the buyers are college students and young private firm employees. The rising hashish oil buying and selling activity came to the notice of the NCB officials who found a Kerala gang getting the illegal drug from the Vishakhapatnam region and sending it to Bengaluru, parts of Kerala, and Middle East nations.

After multiple huge consignments of ganja were seized by the DRI, excise, and police departments in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the suppliers started manufacturing hashish oil as an alternative, officials say.

An excise official told the Times of India, “Unlike ganja, it is easy to conceal and transport hashish oil.”

Excise department arrested a three-member group of hashish oil suppliers and seized 350 g of hashish oil, packed in 70 plastic jars, each of 5ml volume. The same volume can be used for smoking 40 times by users, according to the peddlers who got the oil from the Araku region.

Each 5ml jar is being sold at Rs 1,500.

Balaji Singh, one of the arrested told the excise department that he purchased one kilo of hashish oil for Rs 20,000 and sold the same after dividing it into 10-gram vials for Rs 1,000 a piece, making five times profit.