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To help protect the anonymity of the person highlighted in this story, I’ve used they/them pronouns.

“I’m a business[redacted], trying to be an entrepreneur in a world that’s on fire.”

The Capitalist is savvy. Over many years, they have built a successful small business in Dallas, which is not the most friendly city for this particular person’s line of work. They deal in one product: Weed, not drugs, which, to The Capitalist, is an important distinction to make and make often.

“I don’t fuck with chemicals,” they say. “I deal strictly with plants.”

It’s late in the morning on a Thursday in early June, and The Capitalist (a name they chose) is waking, baking, and talking business. Over the phone, they are discussing the havoc that COVID-19 has wrought in an industry that was, until recently, fairly stable. If anything, there was too much demand, they explain.

“Everyone and their momma can grow weed,” they explain. The trick is turning it into a successful side hustle, which is exactly what The Capitalist is doing.

“I am a capitalist,” they explain, “and I have goals.”

When asked what kind of goals they have, The Capitalist is a bit fuzzy on the details. This is partly out of worry: As this story will show, this entrepreneur does not have much trust for law enforcement or federal institutions. They’re also protective of their long-term business strategy because, well, that’s smart business.

“Let’s just say I want to be vertically integrated,” they say. “Seed to sale. Total control of everything from growth to distribution. I’m an optimist. I see disruption as an opportunity, so this pandemic has accelerated the pace of my goals.”

Over the course of a wide-ranging conversation about the state of their business, The Capitalist touched on everything from politics to Prohibition to the time they got robbed at gunpoint

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