Rapper And Cannabis Mogul Berner Drops New Line Of Organic Hemp Rolling Papers says the over caffinated press release That Forbes have sucked up

They write

For many cannabis connoisseurs, rolling and smoking the perfect joint is the ultimate way to enjoy the herb, allowing it to fully express its bouquet, flavor and potency.

Rapper and serial entrepreneur Berner, who leveraged an early start in California’s quasi-legal medical marijuana market into a cannabis empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars, is one such aficionado. He says that rolling and smoking a joint isn’t just a means to an end. Instead, his self-professed “favorite way to smoke” is a process that borders on the ritualistic.

“I feel like it’s therapeutic to break down some bud, to roll it, to light it, to get that perfect roll on it,” Berner, whose given name is Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., says in a recent Zoom interview. “You give yourself a pat on the back and get all fired up when it’s burning perfect.”

There’s more of this at  https://www.forbes.com/sites/ajherrington/2021/03/24/rapper-and-cannabis-mogul-berner-drops-new-line-of-organic-hemp-rolling-papers/?sh=1b6bf1b842be