The Pakistan Business Recorder reports…

ISLAMABAD: In two separate anti-smuggling operations, Customs staff of North Region posted at recovered 1,080 kilograms of hashish valuing Rs 330 million coming via Quetta road to Punjab side, and recovered Rs11,266,000 approximately (USD 68,700) from a Korean national at the international departure flight at the Islamabad International Airport.

According to the details, issued by the Customs Department here on Wednesday, the Customs staff had established 80 nakabandi on Quetta road near Daraband Town at night time. The truck was hinted to stop but on seeing the Customs staff, the driver did not stop and fled away. Consequently it was chased by the squad, the driver escaped in the dark, leaving the truck on the road side.

On cursory search on the spot the truck was empty, however, it was brought to the Customs office DI Khan and after thorough search, the side wall were opened with the help of cutters, which led to recovery of hashish, tactfully packed and concealed in containers built on the side walls of the trolley. The total quantity was confirmed as 1,080 kilogrammes. Representative samples were drawn from the lot for chemical analysis. The FIR in the case has been registered and further investigation is underway.

Furthermore, during the clearance of passengers at the international departure flight at the Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad, one passenger identified as, Hwang Sung Yoo, Koren national, was suspected and stopped at the joint checking counter. On examination, an amount of Rs11, 266,000 approximately (USD 68,700) was recovered from him. The amount has been seized, the FIR in the case under Customs Act, 1969 has been lodged, and the passenger has been arrested.

Further investigation in the case is being conducted.