We’re still trying to get to the bottom of this ?

David Harewood of Homeland fame once hid “a big block of hashish” outside the gates of Buckingham Palace during a late-night stroll and offered the immediately responding police a succinct, but ultimately acceptable, explanation: he was an actor doing research.

“I don’t know why I did this, but I walked to Buckingham Palace and I buried it in the pavement outside of the palace,” Harewood, 54, said Wednesday during Sue Perkins’ podcast, An hour or so with… He made the comments while discussing with Perkins his BBC Two documentary, Psychosis and Me.

After he buried the hash, he did a bit of moonwalking, perhaps in celebration. “All the police cars screamed up and [officers said], ‘What’s going on, what’s going on?’” he said during the podcast. “And I just thought I had the perfect excuse. ‘Well, I’m an actor, I was doing a bit of research,’” he said.

Source:  https://www.thegrowthop.com/cannabis-health/what-better-place-to-hide-a-big-block-of-hashish-than-outside-buckingham-palace-thats-what-homelands-david-harewood-thought


Back in 2000 this happened

Cannabis found in Palace kitchen
Buckingham Palace

Police raided kitchens at Buckingham Palace

Cannabis leaves have been discovered in the Queen’s kitchen at Buckingham Palace, Scotland Yard has confirmed.

Police raided the kitchen of the Palace in the early hours of Saturday morning, finding a small quantity of cannabis


A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: “A very small quantity of a cannabis plant was discovered and has been taken away by police for examination.

“The amount involved is minute and probably not useable.

“There have been no arrests and it is uncertain whether there will any further action taken.”

The News of the World newspaper says the alert was raised by a member of the Palace staff, who tipped off the Royalty Protection Squa

A Royal source tells the paper that a furious Queen has demanded a full search for the culprit.

Buckingham Palace has refused to comment on the discovery.

A spokeswoman said: “It is a police matter and nothing to do with us.”



In 2017….

Jailed: Men who grew cannabis in mansion just yards from Buckingham Palace

Three men have been jailed for six months and face deportation for growing cannabis in a mansion, just yards from Buckingham Palace.

Jetmir Myrtaj, 29, pleaded guilty to producing the Class B drug at an address in Grosvenor Gardens, Belgravia, on February 17.

The £15 million property – less than 50 metres from the Queen’s London residence – was raided by police and around 30 bags of cannabis discovered.

In a bizarre turn of events, an unidentified squatter, believed to have been living in the property, attempted to flee with a stash of the drugs on the same morning Myrtaj pleaded guilty.

Officers gave chase as the squatter dropped the bag and fled.

The scene was filmed by members of the ‘Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians’, a group of activists who were squatting in a seven-storey property opposite.

Cannabis seized near to Buckingham Palace

As the cameraman, along with a group of squatters, approached the site of the farm, he could be heard to say: “Shall we go and see what’s inside?”

As soon as they got to the entrance, a squatter emerged with the bag and the cameraman said: “Oh, ho, what do we have here? Just run. run, run.

“Oh, it’s all going down, oh sh*t!”

At the time of the raid Scotland Yard said a police officer was injured as a scuffle ensued.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said no one had been arrested over attempts to steal evidence.

Myrtaj, who appeared at Southwark Crown Court via video-link from prison and spoke through an Albanian translator, was sentenced to six months in prison and warned by the judge that he faces deportation.

His co-defendants, Edriol Shyti and Hajri Cjapi, appeared at the same court on Monday where they were jailed for six months for the same offence.

Source: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/jailed-men-who-grew-cannabis-in-mansion-just-yards-from-buckingham-palace-before-squatter-tried-to-a3509036.html


And.. rock stars of course……..

Robbie Williams admits he smoked CANNABIS inside Buckingham Palace

It’s thought he lit up when he performed for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert in 2012

Asked by The Sun Online whether he’d ever been sick at the palace, the cheeky star revealed: “Threw up in Buckingham Palace? No. I smoked a spliff in Buckingham Palace.”

Source:  https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/robbie-williams-admits-smoked-cannabis-9790278


Although, as we all know, Robbie was more than a bit late to this party

John Lennon would later claim that the Beatles were so nervous at the idea of meeting the Queen that they went into the bathroom and smoked marijuana. George Harrison subsequently refuted Lennon’s claims, however, saying that it was a regular cigarette.

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Apparently Damien Marley was in on the act too !

In the song “Buck-in-Hamm Palace”, Tosh sung about smoking marijuana in the residence of the queen of England. Well, that is exactly what Damian Marley when he recently visit the palace.

Damian Marley said he took a bathroom break while walking through the palace and that’s when he light up and smoke his father’s favorite marijuana strain, a sensimilla spliff.

“I was enjoying the tour of the palace when the Peter Tosh song just came to my wind. I had a little left over from the prior day show so I just lit it up and sing Peter’s tune while I smoke,” Damian Marley told 18 Karat Reggae.

Damian Marley smoked marijuana in Buckingham palace.