Hemp is becoming pretty popular in recent years, and now it’s gone one step further. Small time start-up company The Cannabis Co. have released The Myrcene Hemp Gin infused with myrcene, the terpenes derived from cannabis plants in the form of essential oils. This particular element of the plant actually hold therapeutic values and help with health and wellbeing is certain ways. So basically.. a healthy gin?

The spirit itself is said to be flavoured with notes of rosemary, resin, cloves and woody spices. That’ll mean something if you’re into your gins. If not, well, pair it with lemon and a bit of tonic and she’ll be ‘right.

Whilst the gin doesn’t actually contain any of the psychoactive substances found in Cannabis, the company are big supporters of legalisation and are definitely pushing for it to happen. Maybe then we’ll see those other components in the gin.

The Cannabis Co. are based in Melbourne and have released a tiny batch of 300 bottles for its’ first release, which is rightly named ‘Batch 420’. It’s already sold out (*cry*) but here’s to hoping they make a heck of a lot more.

Source: https://www.5why.com.au/worlds-first-cannabis-infused-gin-has-been-released-and-its-made-in-australia/