Hemp Cattle Co. is the brainchild of Kevin Poole, who has been raising cattle for about 15 years on his family farm bordering the Clark/Fayette county lines. After some research, he decided to start raising grass-fed, hemp-finished black Angus cattle.

The special hemp strain used has no THC in it, company spokesperson Robby Chadwell said, and contains 23.5 percent plant-based protein that imparts the taste of corn-fed beef but is leaner with the hemp/Sudan grass blend of feed used.

“It’s a really amazing plant, and the thing about it is it grows great here,” he said.

With an eye on bringing more farms into its model and into the company fold, Hemp Cattle Co. beef has recently begun beef sales Thursday through Sunday at The Julietta Market, where Chadwell says there’s a true family atmosphere among vendors.

“It’s been great,” he said. “That place is awesome.”