Hemp And Racing: Making An Electric Racing Car With Cannabis

Benzinga has the story

A racing team called Romeo Ferraris, in Italy, made an electric racing car model with hemp fibers in its bodywork.

The Giulia ETCR (that’s how the model was named) contains MJ 404/100 fabric, better known as Turkish satin hemp, in parts of its structure.

Romeo Ferraris collaborated with Italian companies Fibertech GroupBercellaLinificio, and Canapificio Nazionale in the manufacture of the new model.

The car was presented at the Pure ETCR, a racing competition featuring modified cars.

Plant-derived fibers are experiencing a growing application in the automotive sector, thanks to their sustainability combined with excellent weight, elasticity, and strength values, superior to fiberglass and comparable to carbon, which in the last forty years has become a standard material in the racing world.

In a press releaseMichela Cerruti, director of the Romeo Ferraris team, said: “The use of hemp fiber for some bodywork components demonstrates, on the one hand, our constant search for improvements and innovations for the Giulia ETCR project, and on the other hand, the desire to offer a concrete contribution to eco-sustainability, an area in which motorsport plays an important role.”