While they started growing medical marijuana as a hobby, the two quickly realized the potential for the plant to bring people together in common goals and create better, healthier lifestyles. The operation quickly expanded to over 50 patients and Grown Rogue was born.

Since these humble beginnings, the company has become one of the fastest growing brands in the northwest with 90,000 sq. ft. of licensed cultivation and an average of 25 percent month-over-month sales growth so far in 2018. The company recently expanded into California and plans to establish a presence in Nevada over the near-term, growing its existing footprint in over 200 dispensaries to more than 300 dispensaries.

The legalization of recreational cannabis in California and Nevada opened the door to this expansion. Rather than investing in a California or Nevada startup, investors can access a mature cultivator that has been operating in a legal recreational market for years. This experience can help avoid many of the potential problems faced by startups, such as quality control issues or personnel shortages, and increase the odds of success.

Grown Rogue’s seed-to-experience approach sets it apart from many other cultivators. While many companies are developing innovative strains, there is trouble translating these genetics into what customers actually experience when consuming cannabis. Grown Rogue aims to provide these insights by carefully controlling the genetics and growing processes, while continually establishing proprietary algorithms to turn quantitative and qualitative data into likely expected effects each cannabis product provides consumers.

There are five parts of the company’s seed-to-experience approach:

— Seed: The company begins by taking the time to understand the genetic profile of the seed and select the best cultivars with a history of potency and consistency. With a dedicated genetics R&D department, the company is focused on revitalizing world-class clones and experimenting to bring strains to market that are as innovative as they are effective.

— Grow: The company operates three cultivation facilities. The two outdoor properties are nestled in distinct locations in the world famous Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon—known by experts as the Napa Valley of Cannabis. The region’s diverse microclimates and the company’s 50 years of cultivation experience results in some of the most consistent, high-quality products on the market. The company’s focus on clean-green and phylos certifications reassure customers that the products are as organic and genetically sound as possible.

— Science: The company has developed proprietary algorithms that consider all quantitative aspects of the finished product and tap the cannabis community for qualitative data. Through its partnership with a world renowned research psychology team, the company’s goal is to take an extremely complex and sophisticated plant and simplify the selection process for consumers. The crowdsourcing of cannabis consumer experiences is known as the ROGUE Study. Consumers sign up to participate in this one of a kind cannabis study at twww.grownrogue.com/experience

— Diversity of Products: The company’s growing line of premium products include patent-pending nitrogen-sealed pre-rolls, unique concentrates, and cartridges that are designed to stand out from the competition. This variety of formats ensures that consumers are able to find the type of product that best suits their lifestyle and goals. Grown Rogue will soon release an industry first nitrogen sealed 3oz flower jar that ensures unparalleled freshness.

— Experience: The company’s high-quality genetics, scientific approach, and product portfolio help customers get the “right experience, every time”. Innovative labeling helps ensure that customers have easy access to these insights across a growing distribution network.

Looking Ahead

Grown Rogue Inc. represents a compelling investment opportunity in the U.S. cannabis industry. With its rapidly growing footprint, track record of sales success, and unique seed-to-experience approach, the company may be a lower risk than upstarts in California or Nevada, offering significant competitive advantages, and providing investors with strong geographic diversification in a single company rather than having to build out a larger portfolio.

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