Sisters of the Valley is a sisterhood with a love and respect for Mother Earth and the almighty, cannabis plant. These sisters are often referred to as nuns but we will explain how they’re different from what you might think.

Justin is going to take us to their farm to get insight on their budding business, and their fundamental mission to get plant based medicine into the hands of those who need it.

In Medieval times, the Beguines grew hemp, made textiles and medicines and helped poor women in need. The nuns of the valley have stayed true to that order and believe that women are natural leaders and businesswomen. Let’s take a look at how the sisters make some their most in demand products, and discover why they think they’ll need more sisters to join them in the near future.

One common misconception about the sisters is that they are selling traditional, THC infused cannabis products, but while they do call themselves “weed nuns” that’s not the case.

They test all their products for potency and the results are available online. Our tour guide, Justin, introduces us to Rudy, the head grower at Sisters of the Valley, and gets a closer look at their plants and genetics. While the Sisters Of The Valley have traditional values, they are also in tune with today’s trends.

Their website is interactive and full of useful information. Sister Kate writes a blog about what’s happening at the abbey and the farm, and they even have their own YouTube and Tik Tok channels.

We go inside the farm to see how they’re blending the old with the new with an upcoming book and documentary. There are currently approximately 25 sisters worldwide but with goals to produce more than 50 million dollars worth of CBD products annually, the sisters hope to soon have “weed nuns” in every state and province on the globe. Amanda Mackay hosts another episode of Growing Exposed, the show that takes you inside the world of marijuana growing and introduces you to some of the characters behind these gardens.

Created by film producer Jeremy Deichen, this series takes a look into the once underground world of marijuana production; documenting garden tours, revealing product tips, and reviewing products and practices.