Greenstate Article: Finding the best weed in Bangkok

Bangkok has more dispensaries and cafes than you could shake a Thai-stick at. When looking for cannabis in the great city of angels and other areas of Thailand, you are bound to find an abundance of flower, and a good amount of gracious banter from the budtenders. Intermingled throughout, and more prevalent than local, high-quality cannabis, however, is imported weed; low-quality buds from California or other legal areas where it couldn’t be sold and made the long voyage overseas.

Sadly, this can confuse many first-time or new smokers who are lured in with the sales tactic “’s from California!” and are sold on the idea more than the product itself. What I noticed is that these customers are not accustomed to looking for, or can sometimes be confused by, which is quality cannabis. As someone living in California and smoking the best, my mission was clear: help people find the best weed in Bangkok!

Never one to turn down a smoke fest or judges’ panel, this was a task I was definitely suited for and not something I took lightly. Traveling to over 30 different dispensaries, I found much of the same imported weed priced as high as it could go ($20-25+ USD/g). Having tried a few of these places to be kind, I knew I wouldn’t be including them on my tier list below.

If you want the best, you support local, and you buy local. Speaking with other smokers at the clubs, in the streets, and on the beaches, I could see that the concept came as a surprise. In a land where Western brands can easily dominate, buying locally-grown cannabis was almost looked down upon. However, as someone coming from the land of cannabis, I could see my opportunity to help educate.

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Finding the best weed in Bangkok


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