The San Diego Tribune reports..

Grasshopper Dispensary, located at 376 Trousdale Drive, welcomed dozens of customers after two years of prep and five months after the company launched Grasshopper Delivery, which delivers cannabis products to South County residents. The delivery business marked the first legal commercial operation in the city.

“I’m beyond excited, extremely proud to be able to be the first to bring you high-quality, high-testing quality cannabis and cannabis products here to my neighbors in the Chula Vista community,” said founder and CEO Andres Camberos, a Chula Vista native who also owns a national chain of grocery companies. “The days of needing to buy cannabis in back alleys and shady locations, untested cannabis, unregulated edibles are over. We have everything you need here.”

Grasshoppers’ services are available to recreational customers 21 and up and medical patients 18 and older throughout the South Bay. The dispensary is bringing more than 20 jobs to local residents and an undisclosed portion of all proceeds are expected to go toward Chula Vista community programs, Camberos added.

The brick-and-mortar retail dispensary is the first of up to 12 cannabis businesses, or three per each of the four council districts, allowed to operate in the city, according to Chula Vista’s municipal code. As of Tuesday, each district had multiple applications underway for anything from storefronts to manufacturing and testing, according to the city.