The Daily Mail is allowed inside Australian Natural Therapeutics Group not so secret, now, location……

A multimillion dollar cannabis crop that’s tended to by scientists and guarded by specialist security 24-hours a day is so potent its location has to be kept secret.

The dope new facility in rural NSW is cultivating the state’s first locally grown medical grade cannabis oil extract, which will become commercially available to patients suffering chronic conditions next month.

Australian Natural Therapeutics Group is the only company in NSW to be granted a permit to produce oil from the prohibited substance.

Australian Natural Therapeutics Group are growing plants in NSW (pictured) for medical grade cannabis oil extract

A cultivator inspects the cannabis crop to make sure the product is free of impurities and to the highest medical standard

Medical cannabis is a budding new industry worldwide that’s helping thousands of Australians with conditions like cancer, epilepsy, multiple Sclerosis and severe pain.

But up until now, a large portion of Australia’s medical cannabis has been imported from overseas in places like Canada, and patients can pay up to $50,000 a year for treatment.

‘On average, prices for locally produced product will be about 30 per cent cheaper,’ ANTG chief executive Matt Cantelo told Daily Mail Australia.

‘And now everyone in the whole country will be able to source from us.’

Although the company produces a variety of different strains with varying degrees of potency, one particular variety is so strong it’s only prescribed in the most extraordinary of circumstances.

‘We have a very high THC strain. It’s called Rocky and that is about 30 per cent THC. It’s quite strong and it’s for things like chronic pain,’ Mr Cantelo said.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, is the chemical responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

For black market marijuana, about 10 per cent is considered high strength and even in the weed-friendly coffee shops of Amsterdam the utmost limit would normally sit below 18 per cent.

‘Doctors will be extremely careful in prescribing Rocky,’ Mr Cantelo said.

‘It might be given to someone who relies on opioids for quality of life because of their chronic pain – in this case it would be a great alternative therapy.’