Global search for Australian man after Bali police find drugs worth $50 million in Kuta villa

An Australian man has set off a global manhunt following Balinese police’s alleged discovery of more than $5 million worth of drugs in a Kuta villa.

Indonesian police executed a raid on April 12, in which they discovered 35kg of ice, 32kg of cocaine, 800 ecstasy pills and 2.6kg of marijuana, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The mystery man, referenced only as “Mr A” by police, left behind most of his belongings, while three Indonesian nationals were arrested at the villa.

They were later displayed in handcuffs by police, who alleged the men had only told them they had been working under the direction of the Australian man.

Mr A was known by police, and believed to be aged about 32, according to local authorities.

The drugs have since been burned by police in line with Indonesian law after investigators took photos and documented evidence.

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