A funeral in northeastern Germany ended in a hospital trip for some after mourners were accidentally served a cake laced with hashish, police in the city of Rostock said on Tuesday.

According to authorities, a group of mourners who had just attended a burial gathered at a restaurant to have coffee and cake — a German afternoon tradition.

But after chowing down on the cake, 13 mourners — including the widow — suddenly reported feeling dizzy and nauseous.

According to authorities, one woman had to be taken via ambulance to the hospital during the funeral, while the others sought medical treatment later on in the day.

They then later reported the case at the police station and pressed charges, a spokesperson told news agency DPA.

The incident at the funeral took place in August, but police said they waited to report on it out of respect to the mourners.

Source: https://www.dw.com/en/german-restaurant-mistakenly-serves-cannabis-cake-at-funeral/a-51038232