The Region 5 Provincial Police Bureau raided a rented house on Chiang Mai-Hod Road in Suthep subdistrict, Chiang Mai’s Muang district, on Wednesday after police intelligence reported that a foreigner had been allegedly growing marijuana there for sale online.

Police promptly arrested the tenant, named Vincent Rich Moritz, 29, of German nationality and reportedly found three greenhouses and 13 cannabis plants as well as a few bottles of dried marijuana that were ready to be allegedly shipped to customers.

Officials also found tools to grow the plants, soil and fertiliser on the ground floor of the house, which was modified into a temperature controlled room for growing marijuana.

Moritz reportedly said that he used to work as a Muay Thai boxing trainer in Germany and even won a title at a Muay Thai boxing championship before moving to Chiang Mai earlier this year to work as a boxer.

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