An Ohio man apparently decided it was a good idea to call police and profanely complain that they “stole his fucking weed,” which is illegal to use recreationally in the state.

The call, posted on Facebook by the Sharonville Police Department on Facebook and first reported by the Daily Beast, features the man complaining “it was only like 4 grams but it was prestige fucking weed. And from what I know 100 grams is cool right?”

On the other end of the call was an extremely-level headed police sergeant calmly asking the caller for his full name, which he provided alongside other details before realizing what he was doing. “You’re just trying to entrap me right now, I know my fucking rights,” he said.

The caller also questioned how weed could be illegal, if he didn’t get a ticket for the seizure. “Where’s my fucking weed ticket then, if it’s not legal, huh?”

The caller’s name and other identifiers were redacted in the released audio of the call.

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