France: LaFleur imports 500 cuttings of Cannabis

LaFleur, a French medical cannabis company, imported 500 cuttings from 24 different varieties of Cannabis as part of the Cannatech project, supported by the Pays de La Loire region, thanks to a grant granted up to 800,000 €.

The Cannatech project

The Cannatech project focuses on optimizing cannabis production in collaboration with INRAe, the University of Angers and the company SERAAP.

The challenge is to effectively produce molecules of interest for medical cannabis in a controlled environment and to reduce the consumption of resources in order to achieve eco-responsible production with the highest level of quality.

The flower thus develops analytical methods with the SONAS laboratory ( Substances of Natural Origin and Structural Analogs ) of the University of Angers which allow it to characterize varieties and select them according to their active molecule profiles.

In parallel with the Cannatech project, extraction techniques by green chemistry are developed through a partnership with the National School of Chemical and Technological Engineers of Toulouse ( ENCIACET ) since 2019.

The formulation and production of pharmaceutical forms are ensured by French partners.

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