The owner of a hemp and CBD business in Mt. Juliet has worked on a 150-foot-long joint to be ready on Tuesday, considered the holiday for pot smokers.

Heath Scott owns 7 Point Farm and Apothecary on Lebanon Road. Scott rolled the lengthy joint that combines three different strains of hemp – T1, Lifter and Suver Haze. The joint won’t have marijuana or cannabis, which is illegal in Tennessee, Scott said.

The biggest challenge Scott foresees?

“Holding it up without it breaking,” he said.

Scott anticipates volunteers spaced a few feet apart will hold it up Tuesday.

The joint was cased with drip irrigation tubing to help keep it together and could end up being longer that 150 feet, Scott said Monday.

April 20 relates to the expression 420, 4:20 or 4/20 that is associated as a code for marijuana users. Cannabis-related events are scheduled throughout the country on April 20.

Scott is an advocate for all cannabis legalization — medical and recreational — in Tennessee, which he wanted to raise awareness for with the joint.

He started rolling last week at his business, doing the joint in 12-foot long sections that fit the work table.

The tip of the joint will be cone shaped with multiple tips for people to smoke from, Scott said.

The hemp that is legal in Tennessee either doesn’t contain the chemical that causes a high or has a minuscule amount. Hemp is grown as a fiber to make cloth rope and construction materials or as a flower that produces cannabidiol, or CBD, which is advertised to have health benefits that are debated.

Scott’s 7 Point Farm and Apothecary offers legal hemp and CBD products for retail customers, industrial hemp farmers and wholesalers. Scott believes companies like his are harder to advertise than other mainstream businesses, which also factored into the 150-foot joint.

A 106-foot joint rolled at a Massachusetts expo in 2017 is the longest that David Downs of the online cannabis resource Leafly is aware of.

Scott’s hemp cigarette will be presented at a “420 Celebration,” from noon to 6 p.m., at 7 Point Farm and Apothecary, 10425 Lebanon Road, Mt. Juliet.

Anyone 21 and over can smoke from the joint with a cap for the end to eliminate contamination. Scott estimates he will have about 100 caps, he said.

The vast majority of the joint will be available for auction with proceeds going to a help organization to be determined, Scott said.