The Flowr Corporation’s co-founder wants Justin Bieber to know top-shelf cannabis is grown in Kelowna.

Tom Flow has penned an open letter to the Canadian superstar in response to the hit single ‘Peaches’—specifically the song’s second line, which says: “I get my weed from California.”

“When we heard you, a homegrown, household-name, card-carrying Canadian superstar, say he gets his weed from California… Honestly, that was tough to hear,” writes Flow.

The Kelowna-based licensed cannabis producer has put out some popular strains, including BC Pink Kush and BC Black Cherry.

However, they’ve recently announced some significant


In his letter to Bieber, Flow says he’s “absolutely ashamed” of how poorly Canada has treated the issue of pardons. The federal government requires Canadians have to actively work for their pardon, instead of having their cannabis conviction automatically expunged.

“Justin, this issue is frustrating, and the hypocrisy of the Canadian legislation is infuriating,” says Flow. “We need pressure to convince the Canadian government that sweeping pardons are the only just solution. We can’t do it alone, but we can make a start.”

To that end, the company says it will donate $100,000 — with matching donations of $100,000 from directors, officers, and employees — to Pardons Canada. A not-for-profit organization, Pardons Canada assists Canadians in pursuing (among others) cannabis-related pardons.

In a statement about the open letter and the company’s donations, Flow says Flowr would not exist as it does without Pardons Canada.

“A few of our early employees went through this process to help build this business,” he says. “Cannabis now generates $8.16 billion for the Canadian economy, and it seems incredibly unfair that people are still suffering from minor infractions when so many are benefiting. We have to level the playing field.”

Flowr’s current campaign, called ‘Nothing to Hide,’ encourages cannabis consumers to change their pre-legalization behaviours of hiding their cannabis and instead embark on honest and open conversations