Flower Shop Dispensary becomes 1st operating medical marijuana shop in Sioux Falls

Flower Shop Dispensary laid its claim Friday afternoon as the first medical marijuana dispensary to open in Sioux Falls.

The store opened almost two years after the state passed Initiated Measure 26 to legalize medical cannabis, and after being the first of five businesses to win medical marijuana licenses in a lottery run by the city of Sioux Falls almost one year ago.

Owner Peter Dikun, a Dell Rapids resident who was born in Czechoslovakia, is proud his business’ application was the first ball drawn in the lottery, the No. 1 ball and the first to open in the city. The property he owns near the intersection of 49th and Western was in the city’s “green zone” for dispensaries, so he jumped on the chance to turn it into a dispensary.

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“We just got lucky,” he said of the chance to open the business at 2211 West 49th Street, named for the flowers on the marijuana plant that can be smoked.

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