More than 1,000 marijuana plants were seized in five different raids on the island of Kadavu this week.

Police say the first raid was conducted in Nuku, Nakasaleka, resulting in the seizure of more than 180 marijuana plants, dried leaves and smoking apparatuses.

Two people have been arrested in this case.

They are a 55-year-old farmer from Nuku village and a 33-year-old farmer from Nadroga.

According to Police, the second raid conducted at Vagaloa Settlement in, Vacalea, Nakasaleka resulted in the seizure of more than 540 marijuana plants.


118698597-3189605097755670-8167704651535639648-o The owner of the farm is yet to be located. Police say the third raid conducted at Vaivai Settlement, Vacalea, Nakasaleka resulted in the seizure of close to 400 marijuana plants.

The fourth raid was conducted at Nao Settlement while the fifth discovery was made by Galoa Villagers and they turned the marijuana plants over to Police based at the Kadavu Police Station.