Fiji: Allegations of 2 students smoking marijuana and punching a passenger labeled as false

The Fiji Times

Allegations that two secondary school students in Suva were smoking marijuana in the bus and making noise before punching a passenger have been labeled as false by the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry says they have verified the allegations with the head of school, the bus company and the students and it was found that the allegations were not true.

However the Ministry was informed that the students were making noise and asking the driver to increase the volume of the music in the bus.

Permanent Secretary for Education Doctor Anjeela Jokhan says the concerned students have been counseled.

The Ministry has also confirmed that no complaint was lodged with the Police.

Jokhan says teachers can do their best in managing student behaviour but they cannot expect the teachers to be policing them in buses and other public places.

She says students have always been advised on the importance of good behaviour when in public space and this is not the first time they have received such complaints.

Jokhan says students also need to take some responsibility of their actions.

She has reiterated that parents need to play their part by enforcing the same values and discipline at home to ensure children do not misbehave in public places.

The Ministry of Education further says the incident happened outside of the school and they were informed by outside sources.

Fijivillage has sent questions to the Fiji Times as they had reported the allegations from a social media post of a mother. We are waiting for their response.