EuroNews reports…. Naval and Port authorities escorted a tugboat style vessel at around 4 pm today Tuesday, December 29 into the port of Las Palmas Gran Canaria.

Fifteen thousand kilos of hashish was seized aboard a vessel that left the Netherlands in November.

The vessel was seized outside of the port and brought in for examination with the Five (5) crew members being detained immediately, consisting of 3 Morrocan and 2 Bangladeshi men.

As the vessel headed through past the Galician coast heading south, it raised the Galician coastal authority’s suspicions that decided on a boarding and inspection party.

Its believed the boat was named “cyclo 1 ” under a Belize flag and on inspection, it was discovered the concealment which led to almost 15 tons of what was believed to be “hashish”.

A full customs and the narcotic investigation is underway after the operation to detain the 28-metre tugboat style vessel.


Hashish Haul in Canaries