News Hub NZ reports…

Cannabis plantations are illegal in New Zealand – unless you’re one of the few companies granted a licence to grow for medical research.

Gandalf’s east coast grow patch isn’t one of the legal ones. He’s a green fairy – someone who supplies illegal cannabis to people with health problems – and says he sells cannabis to over 1000 people who claim to have some kind of illness. He says he’s coming forward now because “the time is right”.

“Patients actually are living in fear. Fear of getting caught. Fear of being stigmatised. There are so many people out there that are suffering that don’t need to. I hear all their stories. I know what is going on behind the scenes,” he says.

“I believe this is why I was put here on earth, was to help my fellow man and that’s what I do. And f**k the law.”

He took Newshub’s national correspondent Patrick Gower deep into the bush to one of his outdoor plots. He has several of them scattered around outside – along with another 50 plants in his backyard.

“This is an old patch of mine. I’ve had it going for over 20 years,” he says, and sniffs deeply.

“Oh my word, that is a lovely smell, I must say. God, I love growing this stuff.”

Rose Renton is another one of the green fairies supplying cannabis medicine on the black market. Like Gandalf, Renton supplies medical cannabis to almost 1000 people.

One of those she gives her cannabis oil to is Scarlet, who suffers from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Renton’s oil has the same effects as Scarlet’s prescribed medicine – which costs $700 for a three-week supply – except it’s far cheaper, and not legal.

“She just changed my whole world,” Scarlet says.