Emerald Cup… And the Winner Is ?

This year’s top prize for California’s best sungrown flower went to southern Humboldt County’s Ridgeline Farms for their Ridgeline Runtz strain, beating out 700 entrants from 14 categories.

Greenstate reports

The terpene-packed cross between Zkittlez and Gelato has quickly gained popularity throughout the state’s finer shops.

“It’s the most beautiful bud I saw in the entire competition,” said judge Nikki Lastreto to Leafly. “A Boeing 747 that takes you to space.”

Capitalizing on the booming trend of CBD, the Oakland-based dispensary Phytologie took home the award for best CBD flower with their frosty and functional strain, Holy Crunch. Phytologie, which has earned past Emerald Cup awards for its flower, is especially stoked to represent its Oakland roots.

“We’re honored to win another First Place at Emerald Cup, California’s oldest and most respected cultivator awards,” said Phytologie’s cultivation manager, Adrian Guerrero. “We’re especially stoked to bring the award back to Oakland, where hard work and amazing genetics get it done.

Describing the winning strain, Guerrero says “Holy Crunch is an ‘enhanced flower’ that has over 30 percent cannabinoids and 3 percent terpenes…it provides a one of a kind high.”

Cup judges also recognized efforts to grow cannabis using environmentally responsible methods by awarding the regenerative farm award to the Humboldt County farm Organic Medicinals, who grow marijuana and vegetables using dry farming practices in the Eel River Valley.

What was once a clandestine event where nominees would wear bandanas over their faces to protect their identities from undercover detectives, has now become the flashpoint when cannabis companies begin to truly take shape.

“The Emerald Cup is rich with culture, and the awards matter,” said Sonoma County resident and longtime cultivator Shivawn Brady to the Press Democrat. “When you win this contest, it immediately creates your brand.”

For a complete list of awards recipients, click here.

Emerald Cup 2019 recognizes California’s best cannabis