Here’s the press all sounds a bit silly to us but we presume people go for this shit

El Blunto, California’s top producer of premium pre-rolls, announced the release of a new, special edition blunt infused with brilliant-class yellow cannabis diamonds. This limited run of the “World’s Finest Cannabis Cigar” will use Mohave Cannabis Co’s top-shelf Kush Cake flower and the highest caliber of raw Kush Cake diamonds.

“Given the phenomenal response to our first collaboration with Mohave, we are thrilled to be taking our partnership one step further in introducing a very unique pre-roll,” said Q. Ladraa, CEO of Albert Einstone’s, El Blunto’s parent company. “We both have a scientific approach to product development, which allows us to manufacture this special diamond-infused blunt with high precision.”

El Blunto, which boasts The World’s Finest Cannabis Experience, recently expanded their offerings to include a line-up infused with melty ice-water hash, live resin, and now raw cannabis diamonds. Their signature diamond-infused blunt features a fine blend of 2 grams of top-shelf high-testing cannabis and raw terpene-rich diamonds. The full flower used is hand-broken, never ground, and scientifically fused with the diamonds before it is hand-rolled by a master cigar maker, cured for 72- hours, and finished with a glass filter.

Mohave Cannabis Co. is an industry leader in cultivating cannabis flower and manufacturing cannabis concentrates, and has a broad catalogue of award winning products. They have been cultivating premium indoor flower since “Before It Was Legal” and are quickly becoming a house-hold name in the California recreational market.

“We are humbled that El Blunto recognizes the quality of our flower and concentrates. Albert Einstone’s has created a movement that centers around quality and consistency of experience,” said Curtis Devine, owner and founder of Mohave Cannabis Co. “This diamond-infused run is a cut above and we couldn’t be more excited about building this partnership with the El Blunto team.”

The first El Blunto x Mohave collab was a cannaisseur favorite and quickly sold out across California. This second, limited edition run will be available in select retailers beginning May 1st.